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SMU-X Curriculum

SMU-X Curriculum

SMU has recently launched the SMU-X initiative, offering a powerful SMU-X curriculum which motivate students to master new leadership skills and apply their knowledge in solving real-world problems. The SMU-X curriculum combines academic with experiential learning, challenging students to use their disciplinary knowledge to tackle real world issues through inter-disciplinary approaches. Each course involves partners from corporate, non-profit or government-sector organisations in project design and content delivery, enabling partners and faculty to actively mentor students in the process

Real World Issues and Problems

Real-world problems, constraints and commitments accelerate learning more than hypothetical classroom exercises. Hence, all SMU-X courses are co-designed with our industry partners from corporate, non-profit and government sector organisations to identify relevant, real-world issues and to set problem statements.  

Active Mentoring

The SMU-X culture of mentoring, coaching and collaboration creates an ecosystem of active learning and sharing, where we harness the pedagogical knowledge of our faculty, the expertise of our industry partners and gain fresh perspectives from our students. 

Interdisciplinary Topic or Approach

Instead of working on separate components of the same project, students from all disciplines come together through SMU-X and navigate each step in the process together. They apply their respective discipline knowledge, perspectives and leverage on their differences as a kind of creative engine. The SMU-X curriculum becomes the glue that holds the teams together, to explore new ways of looking at problems.

Closer Faculty-External Relationship

All SMU-X classes are taught in tightly knitted teams by a robust mix of faculty and industry experts in their respective fields. Through dynamic and varied points of view, our students are encouraged to see the open-ended nature of real world issues.