eXperimental, eXperiential, eXcitement, X-collaboration and the Unknown

  • Mindset

    Collaborate and work actively together

  • Curriculum

    Combines academic with experiential learning through projects with industry partners

  • Space - SMU Labs

    A fun environment for socializing or collaborative work

What is SMU-X

We are constantly thinking about how we can evolve to provide the best that we can to advance quality education in Singapore while staying relevant to businesses and our wider community as a city University. It is clear to us that the scale and complexity of the challenges facing the world and our graduates today are unprecedented. We need to work together as a community and as a result SMU-X was conceived. To us SMU-X consists of the following 3 components.



One that gets SMU members to collaborate


Experiential learning through projects that solve real world problems and issues by partnering the community


Space grows more important even as we move towards an increasingly virtual world


Learning is an active process. We learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind.

- Dale Carnegie


SMU Labs comprises three levels of people-friendly space, characterised by colour, flexible use, and informality conducive to 24/7 work, play and relaxation.   


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  • Active Learning Classroom
  • Atrium @ Level 1
  • Discussion Booths
  • Group Study Rooms
  • Huddle rooms/ space
  • Individual Study Carrels
  • One Button Studio
  • Photo Wall
  • Quiet Zone
  • The Lounge
  • The White Room

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