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Associate Director, SMU-X


"Project work is extensive throughout SMU. To unfamiliar eyes, these student gatherings appear random, students spending long hours in socialising and obsessing over details, but on close examination, this is how immersive student-centred learning experiences begins.

I strongly believe in experiential learning as this process reveals planning, problem solving, ingenuity, time commitment, engagement, social collaboration and networking, all of which are core values that SMU inculcates in our students."

Gan Hup is an educator at heart. A Chemist by training, Gan Hup taught Chemistry to pre-university students before heading the Science department for a Secondary school. He was also responsible for tertiary education policies in his days with the Ministry of Education, Singapore. 

Currently, Gan Hup’s work focuses on how physical context and curriculum can be combined to create authentic interactions and enhanced learning. As the lead for SMU-X, he works on a variety of projects, from shaping the future vision of the initiative to designing the various co-working corners on SMU’s campus. 

"With SMU-X, we want to support this movement towards more active participation and hands-on learning, where learning is problem-based in nature and in real-world settings, away from the didactic or purely virtual. Equally essential is space, as our students have changed. We need to better cater to the learning habits of our students by creating a collective; a community with whom students can share. SMU-X seeks to do both, a curriculum and a space that ‘acknowledges learning and doing as part of all activity, where individuals contribute to others’ knowing and skills while they continue to develop their own in order to continually engage and reform their identity."