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One Button Studio


"One Button, Many Possibilities" 

The One-Button Studio allows you to create polished high-quality video projects without having to know anything about video production, lighting or sound design. Just bring along a flash drive and push one button. The system will do the rest.

What can be done at the The One-Button Studio?

For Students

  • Practise a presentation 
  • Complete studio components of video assignments 
  • Create e-Portfolio introductions and video content for your resumes

For Faculty

  • Deliver a video introduction to an online course
  • Present research papers
  • Record a lecture
  • Create demonstration modules

Features of The One-Button Studio:

  • The camera is at the back of the room.
  • The microphone is in the front of the room – look for the little black dot on the ceiling.
  • The lighting will make you look picture perfect.
  • The Operating System will record your presentation.

To book The One-Button Studio, please use the Facilities Booking System (limited to 2 hours per booking per user).

How to use The One-Button Studio
The One-Button Studio technology was shared with us from the Pennsylvania State University