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SMU can be different again

When Singapore Management University (SMU) was first set up in 2000, it was proud to be different.

Its advertisements showing students standing upside down on their hands were refreshing and much talked about. SMU said the difference was “confident students who speak out and participate actively in class, faculty who serve as mentors and role models, and a holistic approach”. And in the Stakeholders Report in 2002, SMU chairman Ho Kwon Ping proclaimed: “This university is unique. The faculty and staff know and feel the spirit, the students radiate it.”

SMU hits the headlines with plans to diversify

National press praise plans for an SMU Village and broader curriculum

SMU made front page news, followed by leading articles and an opinion piece in both the Straits Times and Business Times in January 2014. What caused the stir were its plans to expand the curriculum to include humanities and applied mathematics as well as to develop a residential SMU Village – all of which were met with favourable reactions from journalists and editors.

8 reactions SMU students have on their campus expansion plans

Last week, the Singapore Management University (SMU) announced expansion plans that will see it introduce humanities subjects, a new short-stay residential college, and a full degree course in applied mathematics in the coming years.

Sounds like good news, but how will current SMU undergraduates take to these plans that will only bear fruit after they graduate?

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