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Lessons in empathy for SMU students

One afternoon earlier this month, 40 Singapore Management University (SMU) students spent an hour moving around their campus in a way they were not accustomed to. Some put on ankle weights coupled with ear plugs, others had on foggy glasses and sat in wheelchairs, and a few wore blindfolds or heavy backpacks on the front of their bodies.

World’s education thought-leaders congregate in Philadelphia for the “Oscars of higher education”

London, 8th December 2015: Today sees the culmination of the 2nd annual Wharton-QS Stars Reimagine Education conference, taking place in Philadelphia. Last night, the awards ceremony, billed as the Oscars of Higher Education, awarded some of the world’s most innovative new projects designed to improve pedagogy and/or employability, with the overall winner receiving a $50,000 prize.

SMU unveils plan to become one of the top universities in Asia

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Management University (SMU) has unveiled a bold 10-year vision, in which it aims to become one of the top three universities in Asia recognised for its courses in business and social sciences.

The "SMU Vision 2025" aims to develop the university into a world class institution. SMU President Arnoud De Meyer, who has been in charge since 2010, says that means having a credible reputation, top notch faculty and attracting the best students globally.

MPH BUILDING - Singapore Slider: Silo Emporium

The building – a three-storey Edwardian-style building on the corner of Stamford Road – was the haunt of generations of book lovers in Singapore.

Once the oldest bookstore building here, the MPH Building opened in 1908. But its roots extend further back. British missionary Captain William Shellabear established a printing press in 1890 for Methodist Mission in Singapore.

Originally named the Amelia Bishop Press, it began to print secular as well as religious material. In 1893, it moved to Raffles Place and changed its name to the American Mission Press.