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Active Learning Classroom


Student-centred, technology-rich, flexible reconfigurable layout. 

The Active Learning Classroom is a flat classroom where tables and chairs can be configured in any way you like. All furniture can also be pushed to the side to open up the space for events. 

Key features of the Active Learning Classroom

  • Movable tables and chairs for 60 - 70 students
  • Movable whiteboards
  • On-the-floor electric sockets and USB connection for charging electronic devices
  • Seven Apple TV screens and a projection screen
  • Microphones and cables to connect to the floor box - located behind the main projection screen. Tap your ID card on the access card reader to access these. 
  • Airplay - content from iPhone, iPad, iPod or MacBook can be streamed wirelessly to the Apply TV or projection screen. To learn how to configure your Apple Devices to use Airplay, please visit the Apple website. The devices to which you can connect have been labelled Active Learning Classroom TV 1 - 7 

To book the Active Learning Classroom, please use the Facilities Booking System.